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Speaker, Entreprenuer, Author & Philanthropist

Don't allow your vision to be determined by what you see.


Willie is a speaker, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. Together with his wife, they own several successful businesses. Prior to starting his own business, Willie worked in corporate America for 17 years. 12 years as a Financial Advisor and six of those years in management. Willie has spoken for over 20 years on topics related to Entrepreneurship, Success, Financial Literacy and Overcoming Obstacles.  Willie speaks to many businesses, schools and non for profit organizations.


Willie is the oldest of two children raised by a single mother. He lived in public housing in the inner city neighborhoods of Birmingham Alabama.  The family spent numerous days and nights without heat or electricity. Willie has never met his biological father nor his paternal or maternal grandparents. As a kid, Willie was bullied relentlessly because he wore thick glasses and suffered from a speech impediment (stuttered). His relationship with his stepfather was hard. His stepfather often verbally abused him to the point that Willie threatened to kill him at the age of 13.

Today Willie has become a successful business owner, motivational speaker, investor, philanthropist, husband and author of the upcoming book "Failing Your Way To Success". Willie has broken many family curses along the way. Willie's combination of life experiences and education make him the ideal speaker on the topics of Creating Your own Success, Overcoming Obstacles, Entrepreneurship and Financial literacy.  He is a proud member of Toastmasters International and associate member of the National Speakers Association. He served on the board of directors for Ivy Prep Foundation and The L.E.A.D Foundation.

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From Saved to Sane

BThis book examines the Author's journey away from Christianity after spending over 40 years as part of the faith. The book also discusses what the author believes to be detrimental effects of the faith upon the African American community. Travel with the Author as he relives his child hood and young adult life as part of the Christian faith. Read about when he started to have doubts and how he addressed those doubts. Give a critical eye to the points he makes regrading the negative effects the faith has and continues to have on the African American community. A community that as had a special relationship with Christianity since before the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Only $19.99


My Other Books

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19 Questions

After starting a business from scratch and earning millions over the last 12 years, I reflect on the things I could have done differently. I made a lot of mistakes and there are things I wished I knew before starting the business. In an effort to help others not make the mistakes I did, I came up with what I believe are 19 of the most important questions to ask yourself before you start a business. How you answer these questions will let you know if you are ready to become an entrepreneur. Honest answers or evaluations of the questions are necessary in order to give yourself the best chance at entrepreneurial success

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Upward Journey

The purpose of this book is to motivate, inspire and educate others. I hope to help others to create a road map to success. This book uses the successes and failures in my life to highlight what I believe are important attributes one must have in order to be successful. The attributes listed are by no means a complete list of what’s needed to be successful. What inspired me to write this book? I will try to sum in it up in a short sentence that quotes rather startling statistic. I recently read an article that stated 73% of people believe that their future is control by someone else and that they had little or no input in how their future turned out. That number was 84% for African Americans. Those statistics and that mindset is unacceptable. This book is my attempt to try and change both.



Professionalism, knowledge, expertise, frankness, connectivity with others and a personal passion to truly empower people of all walks of life is what makes Willie Cartwright such an effective motivator. My students in both of my classes and part of the Alpha Leadership Program for Higher Achievement not only naturally gravitated to him but sincerely internalized and applied the lifelong lessons and learning that he impresses upon all who he is in contact with. I strongly recommend that for any and all sorts of motivation, education and encouragement, Willie is a person who can stimulate anyone's mind. More importantly, he helps to reinforce the essentials for on-going professional and personal excellence.

Andrew W. Storton, III

Pickneyville Middle School- Norcross, GA.

Gwinnett County Public Schools

Program Development Manager (Alpha Leadership Program) The L.E.A.D. Foundation, Inc.

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